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I like a couple of things, and I like them because of the questions they pose. Economics: what happens when people interact and make decisions about what to do with resources? Neuroscience: how and why does the most complicated computer (is it a computer?) in the known universe do what it does? This blog is the intersection of these fields. I want to distill the practical parts of what I'm learning about each neuroscience into posts that are applicable to life, economics, and business. Some of it is common sense and traditional wisdom that you might take more seriously once you see the evidence. The rest may be counter-intuitive and insightful. Either way, I love writing it, and I hope you love reading it. So rev up your prefontal cortex, get ready for a rush of dopamine, and get plenty of sleep tonight (to better remember what you learn). If all goes according to plan, we've got a cool ride ahead.

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