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A new study reveals some surprising insights about the relationship between physical exercise and brain health in old age.


Researchers found that light exercise had the same effect on brain health as no exercise at all. They recommend engaging in “moderate to intense” exercise on a regular basis.

Of the elderly individuals who participated in the study, about one-fifth reported regularly engaging in moderate or intense exercise, “such as hiking, tennis, swimming, biking, jogging or racquetball.” Those individuals showed a 40% lower risk of developing a host of brain problems later in life. It seems reasonable to reach a more broad conclusion from this research, which is that in general, intense exercise promotes better brain health than light exercise.

It seems that they saying, “no pain, no gain,” applies well to the brain.



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This article in Science Daily recently caught my attention.

Highlights: Talking to people boosts memory and intelligence about as effectively as so-called “intellectual” activities like solving cross-word puzzles (but more than watching tv).

Need a brain boost today? Call up some friends, and go hang out!


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Enjoyable and practical highlights from this excellent article:

Give kids “brain training” games, talk to people more often, and ride motorcycles. Eat breakfast whenever possible, avoid artificial food additives and colors (in exchange for 14% higher IQ), and eat more fish (or at least take the Omega-3 supplements).

That’s all for now, folks!


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